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How KCLSU has brought positive change to students

Students stroking dogs at the Doggy De-stress event, part of Take Time Out

We are always working towards the improvement of students’ experience at King’s. As part of this never-ending endeavour, we have been able to bring about positive changes to students’ uni life in various ways over the last couple of years. You can find out more about some of our proudest accomplishments below.


Bush House and Denmark Hill

KCLSU worked with students across both the Strand and Denmark Hill campuses in recent years to develop new Union spaces for students to use. KCLSU gave students a voice and together we successfully acquired four new floors of space in Bush House, including The Vault bar and The Shack cafe, the studio and media suite, several activity rooms, social study spaces and the well-loved chill space, The Meadow! In 2019, KCLSU was given a brand new space complete with a peaceful outdoor garden at Denmark Hill, the first time KCLSU has had its own area on this campus.


Extra study space during exams season

Study spaces on campus are always in high demand, especially during the May exam period. To help students be able to focus on preparing for their exams (rather than stress whether they can find a spot to study on campus), KCLSU – in collaboration with King’s – decided to transform some classroom and KCLSU Activity Rooms into extra study spaces on Guy’s and Strand campus. After the success of the programme during the May exam season of 2019, KCLSU is looking to turn even more spaces into study areas in the upcoming exam seasons.


Student ideas brought to life

At KCLSU, we enable and support our diverse student population to make positive change in their education and communities. Here are some examples of student ideas coming to life to improve the King’s community:

Doggy Daybreak

Uni life can be very stressful, so what better way to de-stress than to cuddle some adorable dogs? Doggy Daybreak has become a very successful feature of the KCLSU’s events calendar. During the event, students can donate £2 to our partner charity All Dogs Matter who bring their cuddly four-legged friends to King’s.

Microwaves on campus

Having homemade lunch on campus became a lot easier with microwaves at KCLSU spaces at all our campuses.

Free sanitary products at Hubs

Another student initiative put in place was to have free sanitary products for all students on campus. All KCLSU Hubs now have free sanitary products that students can take without any questions asked.

Free soy milk at KCLSU cafes

To make life a bit easier for those who cannot drink dairy milk for health reasons, we have scrapped the 10p alternative milk surcharge for soymilk at all KCLSU cafes.


Take Time Out (or Take Time In!)

Take Time Out is KCLSU’s annual event promoting physical, mental and social wellbeing for students during exam time. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, KCLSU moved Take Time Out online and so the virtual Take Time In space was born to support positive wellbeing for the community. The online wellbeing hub, which was co-created with student peer supporters, was based on the NHS’s Five steps to mental wellbeing and provided resources, ideas, activities, service signposting and virtual events led by both students and staff for students to invest in their wellbeing together.

Take Time In included:

  • 58 virtual events during its six-week run in April and May 2020
  • more than 15 departments at King’s and KCLSU involved
  • 87.5% of students surveyed said that the event improved their wellbeing
  • 92% said they would want to participate in another Take Time In initiative