First Generation Network brings you the ultimate guide to survive at King’s

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The first term is almost done, staff have stopped wearing their ‘ASK ME’ badges and you probably have to get on with the rest of your university life alone, right? WRONG! The First Generation Network has got your back with the Ultimate Survival Guide comprised of everything you might need throughout your time at King’s. 
The aims of the network are to support, empower and motivate current and incoming students to help them reach their full potential. Out of a lot of the projects we’ve got planned and of those we have successfully executed, the Survival Guide undoubtedly encapsulates all those aims. I had so much in mind whilst creating this survival guide. However, the ultimate vision I had from the moment I started to the moment I sent it off, is to create a sustainable point of reference students can lean on throughout their time at uni. After a year of listening to different stories, worries, and feelings of doubt, we wanted to find a way to address those issues in a form that speaks to the individuals who use this survival guide.  
The content of the survival guide is very weighty, and meaningful because it represents a strong fabric created by a community of staff and students uniting and being a source of support for each other to ensure that nobody feels the need to undergo this difficult journey alone. We appreciate every individual who has contributed to the survival guide whether they contributed to the written content or whether they’ve been a source of moral support throughout the process of creation. From the staff advice, to suggested food places, to important sources of help and words of wisdom, all of this and more is available within the pages of the First Generation Network’s very first survival guide. Download it here



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