“End library fines now”

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A new campaign to address library fines at King's has been launched and is looking for support. The campaign called, End library fines now is now a petition, requiring student & association signatures to become a KCLSU supported campaign

A spokesperson for the campaign said, "King’s College is using outdated methods of fining students. It is the firm belief that we, as students, pay enough money to King’s already through tuition and as the costs associated with living in London are so great it’s dismaying that the library is still choosing financial penalties to punish its students.

"Everyone is affected by library fines but not everyone has the same means to pay them. We are all squeezed by the costs associated with living in London and so we don’t need a system designed to unnecessarily elicit more money from us.

"Scrap library fines and introduce a fairer system as other university libraries already have. Inducement should be through other means such as daily reminder emails and ultimately, temporarily removing borrowing privileges until outstanding books are returned."

You can show your support for this campaign on the campaign webpage.

This campaign is one of six that have been launched this term and if it’s inspired you to change something at King’s or in the wider world, why not launch your own campaign and let's make a difference together!


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