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Elections update

Photo of KCLSU Officers

KCLSU announced its election results on the 8th of March 2019. Student officers received an open letter from the Intersectional Feminist Society, with allegations against some candidates. We have also received an open letter from candidates about allegations of racism and xenophobia against them.

As the student officers, we want to restate that, “We are vehemently opposed to harassment and discrimination of any kind and were alarmed to hear these allegations. It goes against our values and the values of the organisation. At KCLSU, we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive space for all our student members.” 

Independent external review

As we mentioned in our previous update, KCLSU has a duty to hold free and fair elections. To ensure that this duty is followed KCLSU appoints an external returning officer – the National Union of Students or their nominee.

We as the student officers are not part of the KCLSU elections process or the complaints process. This is done to preserve the sanctity of the democratic process.  

In our previous update, we also mentioned how students can make a complaint to KCLSU if they wish to. We want to reassure everyone that has done so that all complaints will be robustly investigated over the coming weeks and you can read more about the complaints procedure here. For the purposes of overseeing these promptly, KCLSU has appointed an external independent party to investigate the complaints that came in after the close of the elections complaints.

KCLSU is also going to review our election processes and will get an independent external party to conduct a review of our overall elections processes and to draw upon the key lessons learnt from the spring 2019 elections. 

We apologise for the time this process is taking and thank everyone for their patience.