Elections update June

Spring elections 2019 update

Following the announcement of its spring election results on the 8th of March 2019, KCLSU Student officers received an open letter with allegations against some candidates. They also received an open letter from candidates about allegations of racism and xenophobia against them.

KCLSU has a duty to hold free and fair elections. To ensure that this duty is followed, for our elections, KCLSU appoints an external returning officer to oversee the elections process and any complaints made during the elections period. The returning officer is there to ensure the good conduct and administration in accordance with our regulations and they are also responsible for approving the count, declaring the result and making it publicly available.

All election complaints that were received before 18.00 on 7th March 2019 were reviewed and referred to the external returning officer. Any further action recommended by the external returning officer was carried out before the election count took place.

All complaints received after 18.00 on 7th March 2019 were referred to our Members Complaints Procedure. To ensure independence, two external investigators were appointed to oversee stage one and two of this process. Based on the evidence submitted the investigators could not confirm if there were any cases of harassment, however, there is a clear recommendation to review the KCLSU's elections process. This will be completed before the Spring elections in 2020.