“Core books to be provided for modules”

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A new petition looking to get King’s to provide core books for modules has been launched. It’s looking for support to get the 150 signatures it needs to become a fully supported KCLSU campaign.

The campaign was launched by Sabina Shaqiri who has said: ‘I started the campaign as I believe that core books need to be provided as part of tuition fees after spending over £100 each year on books myself. If a book is required for you to do a module it should surely be provided as part of your course.

I hope that the university is able to provide students with the textbooks required. Whether this is through providing PDF’s or physical copies which it gives or, sets up a refundable deposit scheme.’

On why KCLSU members should support the campaign she said: ‘People should show support for this campaign as it benefits everyone. It not only ensures that everyone has the textbooks and texts they need from the beginning, and do not fall behind, but also ensures that there is fair access to educational for all.’

You can show your support for the campaign on the campaign webpage.

If this campaign has inspired you to change something at King’s or in the wider world, why not launch your own campaign and let's make a difference together!


Kingsley Chukwu
10:13pm on 3 Nov 17 It makes much sense and I support the campaign
Ziyao Zheng
7:23pm on 3 Nov 17 Please at least provide SUFFICIENT textbooks that lecturer listed, especially for newly-established business school. Very limited access to core textbooks, given the aggressive tuition, things are not organised accordingly here.
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