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Desks not Despair Campaign Launched

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A new campaign has launched which is fighting for adequate facilities for students in teaching spaces and needs student support. The campaign organisers are hoping to get the 150 signatures it needs to become officially supported by KCLSU. 

They say: "The “Desks not Despair” campaign is about trying to ensure that the student facilities are properly fitted to meet the needs of the students. One of the biggest problems that math students face is that there are no desks for students to write on to take notes during lectures. In other subjects this might be acceptable, but in mathematics the only way to fully understand the material is to write out problems over and over. Currently it is impossible for students as we must balance our computer, writing tools, and notebooks on our lap while listening to the lecture and taking notes. Additionally, with no desk to work on students do not have the opportunity to try out problems for themselves during lecture and thus cannot fully engage with the material. This has caused many students to prefer to stay home and watch Lecture Capture instead, where they do have a desk to work out problems on. This is completely unacceptable as every student at King’s should have their base necessities met for learning to occur. How are you expected to be a student of the highest caliber and yet not given the proper resources to succeed in your universtitiy’s learning environment?

"Our starting point is to reconfigure the lecture halls to have a desk for Mathematics students to write on. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal is to ensure that all students across different faculties at King’s are satisfied with their student facilities. To ensure that, we propose to have student representation on the committee where decisions concerning this matter are made, the Estates Strategy Committee.

"The Desk not despair campaign benefits all students that attend lectures and feel the frustration of having to balance their materials on their lap while trying to absorb the lecture. The administration should support the campaign as it will enhance student learning. Given the right resources students can engage more with the material, score overall higher marks, and will also be excited to attend live lectures and be a King’s student. Students should support the campaign because if given a desk, students can focus on the lecture, easily take notes, and practice problems; as a result students will be more confident in their understanding of the material. This will also relieve students’ stress-level because they have a desk to practice problems for themselves and take proper notes that can act as an essential study tool for exams."

The campaign must reach 150 signature by 30 April 2020 to be officially supported by KCLSU. You can show your support for this campaign on the campaign webpage. You can find out more about the campaign on the Desks not Despair Facebook page. 

If this campaign has inspired you to change something at King’s or in the wider world, why not launch your own campaign and let's make a difference together!


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