Slice The Price - Campaign so far

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Slice the price was started in 2017/18 by our VP for Welfare and community and our VP Education (Health). They launched a survey to get case studies and conducted research, including sending Freedom of Information requests to the University. The team had productive conversations with members of KCL finance team where they believed they had secured a third instalment for all self-funded students who receive the living bursary. However, due to a miscommunication it transpired that it’s only self-funded students in receipt of the full living bursary who will get a third instalment.


As a result, this year, the team are focusing on getting a third instalment for all self-funded students and ensuring that there are more bursaries and scholarships given to students and improve the means testing that KCL does for bursaries.


If you are interested in getting more involved, email or check out the campaigns Facebook page.


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