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New ‘Fair pay for GTAs’ campaign launched

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The ‘Fair Pay for GTAs’ campaign has been running since around 2015. GTAs, or ‘Graduate Teaching Assistants’, are PhD students who teach Undergraduate or MA classes while they study. Over the years, students have campaigned for better training and pay that reflects the work GTAs really do.

While the College has made some steps towards meeting some demands, the team behind the campaign have picked up this campaign to keep up pressure on the University.

Representatives of the campaign said, ‘GTAs are professional teachers, and as such, we need training at a professional level. Many GTAs are new to teaching and would benefit enormously from a structured training programme to complement their self-study.

‘It’s an open secret that GTAs work far more hours than they are contracted for, just to fit in the basics of preparing classes and marking. So, many GTAs ends up working for below minimum wage. We think that GTA wages should reflect the real hours put in.

‘We hope this campaign will secure the training and pay that GTAs deserve, that will benefit GTAs and the students we teach.

‘GTAs need your support! Sign the petition so that KCLSU will support the campaign (meaning we’ll have more access to campaigning resources and meetings with King’s management to make change happen!).’

You can find out more information about the current campaign on their webpage.

Information about what the campaign has previously achieved on is available on their blog.


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