Marcus, Head Chef

Marcus Perkins, our Head Chef at The Vault is one of the multiple staff at KCLSU that works every day to deliver the best experience to students at King’s. He told us about his work, his passion at the kitchen and unveiled a few secrets of the menu of our new Bar. Vegans and not vegans, check this out!

How do you find working for students?

I find it very exciting, I used to be a student myself at college, I always used to think about someone cooking for me. I know I’m older than the students here but I still have a young mind and I’m still on the same wave.

How is this different to work in a different environment?

It’s friendly! When I walk through and see students, and certain of them welcome me and say “hi” and when they have tasted the food, they commented and stuff like that so it’s a different experience altogether and the energy is higher and more vibrant so yeah I really like it.

So you’re vegan right? The new vegan and vegetarian range of The Vault menu is also thanks to you! How is it to be a vegan chef and what are the challenges you have?

As a vegan chef for me it’s very exciting because there are so many different things to create. I’m not really the type of vegan that’s like ‘oh my gosh I’m not going to go near this or that’ because for me it’s a way of introducing things to non-vegans, so if I’m cooking in the kitchen and have the option of cooking vegan and also having food for anyone else who is non-vegan is fine for me, I’m not that type of person who is judgemental on that sort of wave. I like to introduce vegan food to non-vegans by creating things are similar to things that they already eat.

Are you excited about the new venue The Vault?

Yes, I am, definitely! Everything here looks wonderful, the kitchen is great, a lot of space to do creative things! The students are going to be able to come in and see lots of different food on the menu; more international and diverse. We also have the specials as well coming in September so we’re always going to be introducing new vegan dishes as well as meat dishes to the menu every other week or month.

How do you think it’s going to be go and why?

I hope it’s going to go well and students will respond well to it! Everyone has different opinions and different taste buds, but I try to appeal to most people if I can. I’m very open to feedback because that’s what makes me grow and become a better chef. I’m very open to people suggesting how a dish can be made to taste better!

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

My favourite dish on the menu is the Cajun burger and the chicken wings which are vegan! They are seitan chicken wings.

What is the dish you think the students should try!?

That’s so hard! I would recommend the ‘jack in a bap’ as well. I would also say for students to definitely try the vegan chicken wings when they arrive in September, because they are different and new and they also taste great. I have given them to my chef who is a non-vegan and he liked them! On a healthier note, I would say the antipasti salad…and when it comes to hot dishes, I would have to recommend the Caribbean hot pot, which is another dish arriving in for this new scholar year.

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