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Planning an event during the Welcome period?

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If you are planning an event between Tuesday 12 September and Saturday 30 September 2017 your event will be considered a Welcome event.

As a Student Group, Society or Sports Club, you may be eligible for funding for this event. Grants will be considered for a total sum of £800 and you can head over to our funding page for more information. Here, you will be asked to complete the Development Fund application form.

Applications for the fund also feature an Event Promotion Form for you to fill out if you would like KCLSU Marketing to help promote your Welcome event. 

If you wish to receive KCLSU Marketing promotional support but do not require funding, you must still complete the Development Fund application form.

The deadline for the completion of the Development Fund application form is 12pm Monday 7 August.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact activities@kclsu.org.


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