Getting to Know Our Campus

Once we've arrived at King's it's important we explore our campuses. Get to know the best places in and around campus to meet fellow students and perhaps even study. Check out our campus highlights to help make the most out of the university experience!

Waterfront, Strand Campus
Overlooking the Thames, Waterfront has some of the best views of any bar in London. With some of the cheapest drinks deals the capital has to offer (where else in London will you find a pint for £2.50?), the Waterfront is the best place to socialise and relax. Whether you want to grab a few friends and test your pop culture knowledge in the weekly pub quiz or sample the legendary Waterfront burger, Waterfront Bar and Kitchen is the ideal place.

Guy's Bar, Guy's Campus
Lying beneath the picturesque Guy's Campus is the legendary Guy's Bar. With years of tradition behind it, the Wednesday sports night is truly something to behold. With every GKT sports team gathering to celebrate their wins (or occasional losses), Guy's Bar is the perfect place to meet new people or even get inspired to try a new sport. Whether you're into rugby, netball, or just love a good boogie to some cheesy tunes, a Guy's Bar Wednesday is not to be missed.

The Maughan Library, Strand Campus
At over 150 years old and in the heart of the city, the Maughan Library is one of the most historic buildings at King's. With its Neo-Gothic architecture, this library is the best place to get inspired to focus on that impending essay deadline. The Round Reading Room lies in the centre of the building and has been used as a filming location for The Da Vinci Code and Johnny English, as well as inspiring the design for Dumbledore's office in the Harry Potter films. This beautiful and prestigious building provides the perfect location for those important study sessions.


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