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In the Spotlight: Women's History Month


Beth Stanbridge

Vice President of KCL Dance Society and KCLSU Student Centre Supervisor

What does your role involve?

As Dance Soc VP I oversee the running of the entire society. We are the biggest society at King's with over 500 members and are currently KCLSU's 'Activity Group of the Year'! I am part of our competition team too (I'm in six of the seven teams) and I am the choreographer for our contemporary team. We won a recent competition at Kingston, beating 10 other unis and winning a £500 prize. I also won 'Best Choreographer' at our last dance competition which had about 15 other unis there. I beat professional choreographers to win the award so I was really surprised and excited!


As Student Centre Supervisor I help run all of the Student Centres and manage over 30 student staff. I was on the Join project team so helped run Welcome Fair and all of our welcome events which was really fun and a great to chance to meet all of the students joining King's this year.


What does Women's History Month mean to you?

As a female student leader I think it is really important to show that women can be successful managers. I, like many other girls I know, spent my childhood being referred to as bossy. I think this term can be really discouraging to young girls, especially as it is a word which is rarely used to describe men. To use this term to describe ambitious young women can be so detrimental and enforces an untrue stereotype that female leaders are aggressive and bossy. In my managerial role at KCLSU (as part of an all female supervisor team) and when running the Dance Society, I am able to use my leadership skills and hope that others can look to me to see that women can be strong managers in spite of this stereotype. I really hope that people can use this month to adjust their language, especially when speaking to young people. I hope that girls can be described as having leadership skills, rather than being called bossy as I was. Women can be bosses too!

The contemporary dance routine which I won best choreography for is about the forgotten people of society and making everyone's voice heard! I hope that during Women's History Month we can listen to inspirational women who have important stories to tell.


What has been your proudest moment in your role?

I ran an event with GKT RAG in November which was Strictly Come Dance Soc. I had this idea of running it exactly like the tv programme so we paired up members of the 15 biggest sports teams and societies and taught them how to dance! They then competed on the night and we raised over £2,000 for RAG's charities. I also hosted the event! We brought together such a diverse group of people from such a wide range of backgrounds. To have people from 15 different sports teams and societies coming together through dance was really exciting. The night was such a success and the audience seemed to love the show! My personal highlight was watching a KCL Rugby boy attempting to do ballet.


What do you have planned for this year?

I am currently organising our annual charity dance show which involves 150 dancers and runs for three nights. This year's show is called 'Wonderland' and will be at Greenwood Theatre 22-24 March! We are hoping to raise more money than last year when we raised over £7,500 for three local charities. It is our biggest event of the year so I'm really excited! An entire term's worth of work and rehearsal has gone into this show so I'm hoping it will be a great success.


At KCLSU, I helped with our move into West Wing in the summer and I will be doing the same with the big union move to Bush House this summer! I am also on the Celebrate project team so will be helping to organise KCLSU Awards which celebrates all of the best societies and sports teams at KCL, recognising the hard work their committee members put in throughout the year.

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