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Sadly, we cannot tell you about our long and victorious history like most other sports pages on here will do, all we can tell you is that we are the underdog on the list of KCLSU sports. Every scrap of logic tells us that this shouldn’t work, so few people have played dodgeball as part of a club before this point, why would they want to take 2 hours a week, pay £15 a year, to throw some balls at people they may not even know yet? I’ll tell you why, because in a world that has been kicking the underdogs rather a lot as of late, it’s time the underdog bites back. They told us there was no way we’d be able to start a dodgeball club as a bunch of first years with the deadline already passed, they were wrong about that. They also told us no one would show up to our trainings or socials, but the 70 people who attended dodgeball in its first term proved them wrong.

So…for all of you out there that have ever been told you aren’t good enough, be that in the classroom, on the sports pitch, in a social circle…it’s time for you to bite back, time to show the nay-sayers that you are every bit as good as them, and time to be able to tell people you were one of the first members of what is fast becoming the biggest sports club at King’s. 

For all of you out there who have been blessed with always being considered ‘good enough,’ why not throw another achievement under that belt, why not do yourself and all those you know a favour, come along to a session or a social and see first hand what kind of club this is, and help to make it even better.

‘But I want to be more than just a member, surely it’s too late to get onto the committee?’ - Of course not, we’re more than happy to create new positions for those interested in the committee, with Men’s and Women’s club captains not yet being appointed.

Speaking of boosting your CV, we’re currently in talks with one of the Big Four accounting firms and it is likely we will be playing a friendly game against one of them, a perfect opportunity to network and help improve your career prospects.

We are currently running socials every Wednesday at the Vault on Strand Campus! Due to number limitations please do contact myself, or either of our social secretary’s to secure your spot!

We are very pleased to tell you that our first training session will be Sunday (04/10/2020) 6:30-8:30pm at Salmon Youth Centre (43 Old Jamaica Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4TE). 

First training is free (so you don't need to buy a membership) however do let a committee member know if you're planning on coming as we are capped on numbers!

Any questions please get in touch with any dodgeball committee member!

First session Free!

It’s the things you don’t do in life that you regret.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

Your Humble Servant

Guy Peppiatt




President – Guy Peppiatt

Vice President – Rosie Head

Treasurer – Ene Dragos

Recruitment Secretary – Pia Fletcher

Social Secretary – Anna Hindley-Skelt

Assistant Social Secretary – Phoebe Tall

Kit Secretary – Edmund Tallack

Diversity and Inclusion Secretary – Ruby Haddad




  • Dodgeball Standard Membership£16.00
  • Dodgeball Associate Membership£16.00
  • Dodgeball Social Membership£5.00