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King's Arnis

Rapid Arnis is a Filipino martial art which uses both impact (rattan sticks) and edged weapons (aluminium daggers). All practitioners start with these weapons and skills are translated to empty hand (without weapons), incorporating both of these into each training session. 

Classes are 2 hours the 1st hour being empty hand boxing drills, pad-work, high intensity fitness. 2nd half will be weapons work usually starting with single stick or single dagger. This can then progress to double stick, double dagger, and stick and dagger.

Prices: We offer FREE year long training sessions for King's students after they buy membership for the year at £31. External members and can buy associate membership for £30, and then it is £10 for each session, or £5 for King's staff. 

Clothing: Come in comfortable clothing (joggers and tee or leggings and tee), training equipment will be provided

Socials: We’re big on being social and organise gatherings with the Arnis Soc at SOSAS university too!


  • King's Arnis Student Membership£31.00
  • King's Arnis Associate Membership£30.00
  • King's Arnis Term 2 Membership£20.00