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Innovation Forum

A common complaint amongst students and researchers within the sciences is a lack of skills or encouragement to develop innovative ideas into viable businesses or products. Our society exists to stimulate and encourage innovation by bridging the gap between academic science, industry and the public sector. Our objective is to invent, discuss and implement new, interdisciplinary ideas as well as assist students and members of KCL in assembling the skills necessary to succeed outside academia.

To best meet these goals, we will organise a number of seminars which address the multidisciplinary nature of innovation. These talks will feature speakers who work in multidisciplinary roles as innovators in their company or institution and will provide a chance for students, staff and speakers to discuss ideas as well as collaboration. We also aim to run transferable skills workshops throughout the academic year to better prepare our members for work after leaving King’s.

Through strong ties with similar groups at Cambridge University and the University of Kent we believe we can offer a strong range of opportunities to our members. Opportunities for collaborations, internships with biotech companies as well as tech/life science consulting companies may also be available.

If you are interested in learning how to best use your scientific training in industry or developing your own business ideas, the KCLIF is free to join and will be organising events from late 2012.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please email us.

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