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UN World Food Society


  1. Easy way to keep in touch is to join the mailing list!
  2. We hold regular meetings every Wednesday! Usually they are from 13:00 to 14:00, but to be extra sure, join the mailing list and like our page on facebook!


After a phenomenal relaunch in 2014, a better, stronger UN World Food Soc is ready for a record-breaking 2017-2018 year! Join us for a rich student experience and make an impact through your leadership!

The idea

Helping you understand malnutrition is what we are most passionate about. Our activities, events, and volunteering efforts all aim to educate and empower you to take action towards solving hunger in one way or another. The society is built upon the firm belief that everyone, everywhere, should have enough food to lead a healthy life. Because if you ask us, hunger doesn't belong in the 21st century. Wouldn't you agree? 

The society

By stimulating teamwork and communication between students, staff, and societies, we are developing a culture of awareness across King's. We aim to inspire and enable action though community activities, fundraisers, our newsletter and partnership events with established charities across the UK. That way not only do we provide an excellent experience for our members, but also actively contribute to solving the problem. We are in contact with the UN World Food Programme, and are a ratified member of the Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH).

Put simply, we are building towards a hunger-free world. Together.


Game-plan 2017/18

Our plan for this year has three simple points. With your help and participation, it is possible to achieve all three:

1. Participate in friendly charitable events

Activities such as fundraisers are what we have in mind - to engage ourselves physically and participate in something bigger - we want to involve you in fundraising opportunities that challenge you and let you grow. 

2. Give back and enrich the community at King's

There are a lot of exciting things going on this year at King's - and countless opportunities for us to participate by getting involved in society initiatives and representing the malnutrition education at events and exhibitions. Attending these events will give members the opportunity to interact with and positively impact King's, KCLSU, and their fellow students - which is always fun!

3. Spread awareness through our newsletter

Do you have a keen interest in writing, journalism or just spreading the message on global hunger? If so, get your creative juices flowing and write an article that will be published on our website. Our aim is to build a collection of articles on hunger from a variety of students from different academic backgrounds. As long as there is some link to food, nutrition or hunger - send us your article and get published!


Get involved

First and foremost, we are a society of students.  Our biggest goal is to provide you with a complete extra-curricular experience and an abundance of opportunities to grow and develop into a well-rounded, motivated, and empowered individual.

We do our part for solving world hunger by informing, inspiring, and enabling you. And in turn, we hope you will carry this experience with you and continue to make a difference throughout your life.

With that said, there are two ways in which you can participate:

+ Members

As a member you will be in the loop for everything that we are up to. You will know about all the events, movie screenings, and fundraisers, and you will always have a seat saved especially for you. You will be able to participate in all our activities, socialize with other members, and become a part of the King's community

You will also be eligible for the special partnership places we get from charities for various events such as half and full charity marathons, fundraising competitions and other activities - exciting!

+ Leaders

We want to give you tons of opportunities to grow, and so we've opened the leadership team to new talent. Yay! You get all the perks of being a member, but also get a chance to develop in an area you've always though was fascinating. For example, have you ever wondered what marketing is all about? Or wanted to organize events? To negotiate with charities? Give it a try with us and get some actual organizational experience! We are the perfect platform for you to put theory to practice - there are limitless interesting tasks and initiatives. And don't worry about not being perfect straight away - our president and current leadership team will provide you with the guidance and support you need, and make sure you're on the right track! :)

So from working in a team to implementing your ideas and leading initiatives - we hope to see you start your summer vacation as a better version of yourself - educated about global issues, conscious of opportunities to take action, and possessing the skills to make a difference. And some of you will start next year as the new president, treasurer, and leadership team, ready to achieve even more ;)

Membership fee

As we are a relatively new society, once you register as a member we ask you to pay a small but significant 3 pound fee. We need all the funds we can get and it is our hope is that you will support us with your time and passion - that is your membership fee. Because every event you attend and every activity you plan helps the society grow, helps you grow, and helps alleviate world hunger.

It's like we said in the beginning - we're in this together.

How do I join?

We made joining as simple as 1-2!

1. Register

First we start easy: login to your KCLSU profile. At the bottom of this very page you are on, under Join, click on the Add to Basket button next to UN World Food Standard Membership £3.00.

Scroll back down to the end of the page and click on View Basket. Follow the prompts to the end and voilà! Only one more step left!

2. Stay in the loop

Now we have to make sure you are in the loop for all those good, good updates. Click over here and sign up to our Members Newsletter list! This is the main way we'll be letting you know about all the amazing things we will be doing, so go ahead - get on there! 

Leaders: If you want to join the leadership team (and we know you do!), just tick the box in the signup form above! We can't wait to welcome you on the team! 

Now you're an official member! Welcome!

A new beginning

And finally, there are two things you can do right now to help us grow. As your very first act as a member of the society, show off your commitment to the cause: like us on facebook and follow us on twitter! That's two extra ways we can keep in touch - wow!

It's a new beginning from here on out. We'll be sending you some fascinating info leading up to the Welcome Fair filled with events, dates, and times! Be excited!

For a Zero Hunger World

-The KCL UN WFP Soc Team :) 

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  • UN World Food Society Standard Membership£2.00
  • UN World Food Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£2.00