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Public Awareness and Social Service Society (PASS)


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KCL PASS (Public Awareness and Social Service) is a society run by a group of Hong Kong students at King’s College London, aiming to promote public awareness and community involvement among students.

Public Awareness is an essential attribute of a responsible citizen in a democratic society and it is also a building block for a successful career in the future. Activities carried out by KCL PASS to enhance public awareness include:

- Joint-University discussion forums

- Career talks from law firms and banks

- Weekly news articles

- Annual ‘HORIZONS’ Publication

Social Service serves as a constant reminder that we should do good and share what we have with those who are under-privileged. We have strong connections with various charities operating in and from Hong Kong and we enjoy spending time getting involved in voluntary work both in Hong Kong and Asia. KCL PASS hopes members can be grateful for what they have, and contribute positively to society. Some of our main social service events in the past include:


- Volunteer trips to Thailand and Mainland China during Summer

- Various volunteer opportunities in Hong Kong and London

- Annual Charity Fashion Show - Colours of Life


We also have extensive relationships with many universities around the UK. In particular, our relationship with the PASS societies in London is well established. Our committee is very approachable and eager to assist you with any problems throughout your university life. We look forward to serving you in the coming year.

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