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Libertarian Society

The KCL Libertarian society is a society for students that believe freedom is the way forward. We champion individual liberty on campus.
Please like our Facebook page for updates on our upcoming events, we prefer that to bombarding you with emails!:
Do you believe in any of the following?
  1. Freedom to speak your mind, engage in open discussion and challenge ideas
  2. Universities ought to be places where a free market of ideas can flourish
  3. Freedom of movement accross borders
  4. The power of the free market to provide us with consumer choice and generate innovation
  5. Free trade makes us more prosperous
  6. The right to practise any religion of your choosing
  7. Skeptical of big government telling you how you ought to live your life
  8. Strong opposition to racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination of any kind
  9. Drug de-criminalisation and legalisation
  10. Pro-enterprise, market-based innovative solutions to tackling climate change

Then join us by purchasing our membership (it's free!) on the left side of this page, add it to your basket and check out. It helps keep this society alive and these pro-liberty values being represented on campus.

Whether you are already familiar with the ideas of liberty or simply intrigued to find out more, do not hesitate to come along to one of our engaging events. 


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