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KCL Charity Diwali Show

The KCL Charity Diwali Show is one of Kings College London’s most iconic shows, which is celebrating its 26th year anniversary. With the aim in raising £10,000’s for charities that are close to the students at Kings, the show has built a reputation for being one of the most entertaining student run shows in the country. With participants from universities from all over the region, the show is never short of entertainment. The show prides itself in teaching students new talents and providing a platform for aspiring dancers, singers and other entertainers to reach a mass audience. Past shows have been held at the Indigo O2, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall and even being featured in national television channels and magazines. The build-up to the show lasts for around 6 weeks, where participants have weekly rehearsals, allowing them to meet new friends from different backgrounds and courses of studies. Past students have always identified the KCL Diwali show as the highlight of their university period. So come on down to Guy's campus, and sign up to our events in September!

At the beginning of the year the Diwali Show presents a showcase, where the committee, along with the choreographers for the current year, showcase their plans for the show ahead. Shortly after, rehearsals take place in which students can sign up to a range of acts, from Garba, street dance, singing, to Ghana, break dancing, Bhangra, theatrical and musical acts. The show is always looking for new students to showcase their acts and welcomes students from all backgrounds, ages and interests to take part.



  • KCL Charity Diwali Show Standard Membership£8.00
  • KCL Charity Diwali Show Associate Membership (Non-students)£8.00