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KCLID - International Development Society

We are a student-run organisation which promotes discussion and awareness of the development
field. We aim to promote the understanding and engagement with development issues 
around the globe.

Our mission is to create thoughtful, balanced, and educational discourse and empower people to battle
the problems faced by everyone from small communities to the entire world.

We publish articles, host events, fundraise and generally provide a platform for people to discuss developmental issues, to help introduce themselves to the field and meet others with common interests.

We are proud of our neutral stance as a society, prioritising open debate on issues from whatever
perspective or political leaning.

We are open to all KCL students interested in development, regardless of the degree level
or major!


  • KCLID - International Development Society Associate Membership£1.00
  • KCLID - International Development Society Standard Membership£1.00