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Aid for Migrants

We are a group of students who tries to play a role in one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: migration. Our aim is not only to raise awareness about refugee crisis happening all over the world but also to help fundraise small and independent NGOs.

Aid For Migrants is a politically neutral humanitarian society of the King's College London Student Union. Our biggest aim is to raise awareness about daily human rights infringements, whilst portraying both sides of the political debate.

We are not politically orientated as our aim is to spread the view that regardless of one's political position, we should all take part in the migration debate. We believe "aid" is not only materialistic. Education and discussion about the topic is already a step forward towards solving one of the 21st century's biggest crisis. 

As well as sharing news about current issues in the field we will be interviewing all sorts of political figures and activists featuring on our website and media platforms, aiming to increase people's interest in the migrant crisis from multiple viewpoints.

For those who feel the need to help "hands on", each term, we choose a specific cause and independent NGO to support. Through conferences and events around campus, we aim to raise donations to support these NGOs. 

This society is open to every student who wants to share its point of view or support to this major cause.


  • Aid for Migrants Associate Membership£3.00
  • Aid for Migrants Standard Membership£3.00