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KCL Anglo-French Medical Society

The KCL Anglo-French Medical Society (KCLAFMS) will seek to foster closer relationships between British and French medical students and healthcare professionals.

The KCLAFMS is a FRIENDLY and INFORMAL society where everyone is welcome, whatever the standard of French.

Our activities will focus on:

- Discussions and the bringing together of a cross-cultural community through social and academic event

- Medical-French training sessions for all levels of fluency,

- Talks with Anglo-French healthcare professionals,

- Support for incoming French-educated students,

- Obtaining medical placements in francophone countries including final year electives,

We aim to exchange medical views and opinions as well as improving knowledge of clinical French and English in a student setting.

The society works with the Anglo-French Medical Society Student Network (AFMS Student Network), a professional organisation with similar goals to our society.


  • KCL Anglo-French Medical Society Associate Membership£3.00
  • KCL Anglo-French Medical Society Standard Membership£3.00