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The Wellbeing Club

Lyceum Well Being brings together students and experts across disciplines to explore how our wellbeing and performance can be improved. We believe that wellbeing and performance can best be achieved by increasing our culture and general knowledge, which requires an interdisciplinary approach. By uniting Kings students and staff with different backgrounds and interests around a common vision, we strengthen the bonds of our Kings community, promote diversity and a more integral approach to quality of life.

We run workshops linking wellbeing to different disciplines, including but not limited to Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Economics and Sociology. We also run partnership events with other organisations promoting wellbeing and performance such as a Wing Chun Kung Fu Mindfulness Club, Yoga and Relaxation instructors and a Crisis and Project Management Coaching Company.

We are sponsored by KCLSU Development Fund, Kings Wellbeing and Kings Experience. If you have any queries about upcoming events or want to get involved, please visit our facebook page or contact us by email.


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