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Extended Medical Degree Programme

Run a project called InsideMed which mentors year 12 students who are interested in studying medicine.Read more

KCLSU bake sale
KCLSU Street Collection


Run two different projects aimed at getting students to understand how to apply science to real life. From their Case based learning programme to the STEM project - it's all built with the students in mind. Read more

American Football

What could be better than combining sports with some advice on how to progress to university? That's exactly what our American Football Club did as well as participating in our first every partner level summer schools delivery.Case Studies

KCLSU bake sale
KCLSU Street Collection

KCL Student Action for Refugees

KCL STAR have been runing their WP project for a number of years and have developed and demonstrated ways to expand their programe. From their afterschool club to their tours around King's and Parliament - they are a good example of a rounded outreach project. Read more