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Buddy Scheme

Leaving home for the first time can be daunting, moving away from friends that you have and making new ones can be scary and being at University is so different to being at college - right? Did you ever wish you could just talk to someone in the year above, get all their top tips and get your head around how to navigate university? Well that could be you!

The Buddy Scheme is here to help students settle in. As a Buddy Volunteer you will be paired with a first year student who may have many questions about King's, university and a the new city that they have moved to. You'll meet with them on campus, encourage them to ask you questions as well as answering theirs. It's a chance for you to impart your knowledge and experience of King's and give them your top tips on how to settle in. Aside from this you can also benefit from:

  • Regular training sessions - that your buddy can come along to 
  • Unique opportunities for you to progress on to 
  • 1-1 help should something you can't solve arrise 
  • A chance to lead on projects or events 
  • Reflection time and  way for you to contribute to the scheme. 
  • Bespoke training right at the start of the scheme to help you with your role. 

Applications are due to open at the end of March, to find out more about the role- click on the role description below. The deadline to apply for this opportunity is midnight on the 31st of August 2019. If you have any questions please get in touch with us by emailing in at Outreach@kclsu.org Role Description

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