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We're the Positive Peers -here for health students, by health students.

Using a peer-to-peer approach, the Positive Peers help enhance the personal and collective wellbeing of King's College London health students by giving evidence-based information, sharing experiences and connecting students with health-related resources.

Through health promotion and support, the Positive Peers are a key component of the King's Wellbeing Team and contribute to the larger health faculties' commitment to improve student mental health and wellbeing.

How can we support you as a fellow health student?

TALK TO US! We are here to support you as a health student. There are three easy ways you can get in touch with us:

COME TO ONE OF OUR EVENTS: Check out our upcoming event details here!

Positive Minds: For students experiencing low mood or mild depression. More info can be found here. 4-Week Course beginning Tuesday 27th February 2018 from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Email positivepeers@kcl.ac.uk to book on. Please check dates below for locations:

  • 27th February: Guy's, New Hunt's House, G.3 
  • 6th March: Guy's, Hodgkin Building, Classroom 6
  • 13th March: Guy's, New Hunt's House, G.3 
  • 20th March: Guy's, New Hunt's House, G.8

We recommend you come to all sessions of Positive Minds, but if that's not possible, just come to the sessions you can make!













Wellbeing Workshop: For any student wanting to improve their wellbeing and set positive goals they're inspired by, come to one of our workshops:

Free dinner included! Email positivepeers@kcl.ac.uk to enquire or book on.

Cooking with Confidence: A space to learn how to cook some cheap, healthy eats. 

WORK WITH US: We're accepting applications to be a Positive Peer in the 2018/19 academic year!

If you'd like to meet with a Peer for a chat, please contact our friends from the King's College London Peer Supporters.


Who are the Positive Peers?

We are health students who want to improve the personal and collective wellbeing of other King’s College London health students! We do this by giving evidence-based information, sharing experiences, supporting our peers and connecting each other with helpful resources. Mostly, though, we just want to create a happier, healthier community for health students at King’s!

What sort of training and supervision do we have?

  • We are volunteers who are trained to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, maintain confidentiality, respect boundaries and recognise when/how to encourage referral to professional support services.
  • We receive constant support and supervision through King's Wellbeing and KCLSU.
  • We each sign a volunteer agreement.