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Welcome to our Volunteering Record!

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We run the volunteering record to reward students with the hours they log doing voluntary work, this includes being a course rep, a sustainability champion, fundraising during RAG week and any other activities you take part in. Remember, the hours you spend being a society or sport committee member also contribute to your volunteering hours!

Volunteering while you study lets you build new skills, meet new people and make a real difference. So many of you are already involved in Volunteering and Fundraising groups or give a few hours each week as volunteers.

Your Volunteering Record is where you can log all the hours you've given to volunteering and fundraising. It's also a place where you can keep track of the training you've undertaken, browse for new volunteering opportunities and get in touch with charities directly.

Logging your hours is easy. Just create a profile and get started!

Have a look at our list of providers to get inspiration.



Once you've logged enough hours, you'll be eligible for a KCLSU Volunteering and Fundraising Award. These will be awarded at the end of the academic year and you will be awarded the highest award you achieve. You’ll be awarded:

  • Bronze Award for 25 hours
  • Silver Award for 50 hours
  • Gold Award for 75 hours
  • Platinum Award for 150 hours or more!


Want to register a volunteering opportunity?

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Please contact volunteering@kclsu.org if you have any questions.