Student Activity Groups


Starting a Group

If you’ve looked through all of our activity groups and societies and still can’t find the one you’re looking for, why not start your own?

To get ratified, your activity group or society must meet the following criteria:

1. The new group’s core activities must not overlap with any existing ratified KCLSU Student Group.

2. It must be open and available to all members of King’s College London.

3. It must have the potential to attract 35 members.

4. Its activities must not conflict with the KCLSU Values, Bye Laws and Articles of Association.

5. It must be practical for KCLSU to support the group and its activities.

6. If successful the new group must submit a 3-month review document so KCLSU can track the progress of the group.

Great, mine meets the criteria, how do I apply?

Complete the New Group Application Form  during the next application window, which will be in March/April. Paper applications won’t be accepted.

Your application will go to the Student Activities Committee who will review it. They’ll then contact you with a decision.

If your application is declined, you can appeal the decision by replying to the Student Activities Committee by email. The results of the appeal will be sent two weeks after the appeal deadline. 

More information on our New Groups process will be coming soon.

Please send any queries and applications to