Volunteering & Fundrasing


Our students work in a variety of ways to support a cause they care about. From homework clubs and pro bono law work to dressing up for RAG (Raising and Giving) Week. There’s plenty of ways you can get involved and make a difference. 


Ready to get busy, help people in the community, help raise money for a good cause, and show future employers how dedicated, enthusiastic and engaged you are? You can fundraise as an individual or with your student or sports group. 


  • Who can you fundraising for?

We can only approve fundraising for charities based in the UK that have a UK charity number.

If you decide to raise funds to support a charity then you need to gain their permission in writing. Of course if you are fundraising for your sports club or student group then you do not need a confirmation letter.

  • Where can you hold the fundraiser?

It is easier to acquire permission to fundraise on University grounds or KCLSU spaces. If you wish to do a street fundraiser then you need to apply for Council and Police permission. To fundraise at a train station you need to apply for TFL permission. For detailed guidance on organising an external fundraiser read through this Fundraising Guidance

  • How can you fundraise?

You can hold a bake sale, hold a ticketed event, conduct a bucket collection or a donation drive to collect clothes or toy items.


For step by step guidance on how you can fundraise on campus or on the streets of London, read through the Fundraising Guidance.