New Year, New Start!

Let's take care of our wellbeing this year.

Let's look after ourselves!

14 - 18 January 2019

Join us for everything from free back massages to Zen Zones with KCLSU Advice drop-ins to help put your wellbeing first in 2019.


Let's share our New Year, New Start experience, stories and pictures on social media throughout the week by tagging @kclsu and using the hashtag #NewYearNewStart



Get ready for a week of mindful events. The number of upcoming events to look forward to is: See all events

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Exam Support

KCLSU Advice will be at the three Zen Zones throughout the week offering mitigating circumstances drop-ins.

Can't sit an exam due to bereavement, injury, illness or mental health issues?

Accused of academic midconduct?

Contact KCLSU Advice! There are specific procedures to deal with these circumstances and our caseworkers are independent and confidential sources of help and support. Go to for more information. 

Come and see us! 

KCLSU Advice will be at the three Chill-out zones throughout the week offering mitigating circumstances drop-ins.

14 January 2019 | Zen Zone at Strand, The Studio, 12pm - 3pm

15 January 2019 | Zen Zone at Waterloo, Near the library, FWB - 12pm - 3pm

16 January 2019 | Zen Zone at Denmark Hill,  IOP Hub, 1pm - 3pm

17 January 2019 | Zen Zone at Guy's, The Shed,12pm - 3pm

Tips for the Exam Season and beyond!

If you’re having any problems with your studies, get in touch with KCLSU Advice for advice on mitigating circumstances and other options. Our friendly caseworkers will be running drop-ins from 14th-18th.

See the timetable here.

Many students set goals in the new year designed to help them reach their academic potential. That’s great, but don’t forget to factor in time out with people who help us feel positive and grounded. If we're looking to meet new people in 2019, explore the KCLSU societies or drop into a chaplaincy international lunch.

Looking for opportunities to make a difference in 2018?

  • Go to here to find a local charity to help
  • We can even combine a new workout regimen with doing good in the local community with GoodGym.

We don’t have to be sporty to turn over a new fitness leaf.  Go online and check out King’s Sport and their Be Active social sport programme and the KCLSU sports clubs

We could even factor in a little gentle exercise by walking to lectures or exploring new areas of London.  Get the ball rolling here.