Event Description

Wednesday 05 May 2021

7pm - 9pm



KDSA & CMS UK proudly presents its next event titled “The future of Medical Robotics”. Join our conversation for a clinician-led introduction into medical robotics and a discussion on their current use in surgery. Surgeons will share their first-hand experience, while researchers will present their notable projects oand reveal research trends of the future.
Surgery, from the Greek words “χε?ρ” (hand) and “?ργον” (work), was once conducted by craftsmen called barber surgeons. Taking a look into its history, it becomes obvious that surgery is an invasive hands-on profession, per se, subjecting the patient to significant stress and pain. The fact that such a ‘barbaric’ practice has transformed into the modern surgery as we know it, is impressive. Over the past decades we have witnessed open surgery being gradually replaced by minimally invasive and subsequently robotic-assisted surgery. Minimally invasive procedures result in reduced post-operative pain, shorter healing period, increased patient satisfaction and improved aesthetic outcomes. Meanwhile, the advancement of microprocessor, sensor and actuator technology has improved the usability of medical robotics.
So, the question is how fast will the medical sector embrace the new state-of-the-art technologies?


Link: https://fb.me/e/djvzPW7Hy



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