Event Description

Wednesday 28 October 2020

2pm - 7pm



We have collaborations with the KCL Poetry Society, Indian Political Society, KCL ASEAN Society, Film Society, Modern Music Society, and East African Society, more societies will be joining this week.

The timing isn't fixed yet as time-tables aren't out yet.

Will cover the length and breadth of the Black Lives Matter moment, from how and why the George Floyd Incident became the turning point to the international protests and solidarity against today's systematic oppression in different forms and in different countries.

Day 1: Will focus primarily on the BLM and the black community. Their struggle with oppression being unnoticed. The effect of support on black communities and what can be expected in this fight for equality.

Day 2: International Impact of the BLM on other nations and communities.
Communities and citizens around the world, having been inspired by the BLM have called out racism and oppression present in their countries. What did BLM teach them? How do they view their fights on a global scare? How did BLM start an international fight to end systematic racism and forced communities to have a good look at their own actions in aiding it?



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