Event Description

Friday 30 July 2021

5pm - 8pm

Guy's Bar


£10.00 (GKT Cricket)
£10.00 (GKT Football (womens)
£10.00 (GKT Rugby (womens))
£10.00 (GKT Rugby (mens))
£10.00 (GKT Netball)
£10.00 (GKT Hockey (womens))
£10.00 (GKT Hockey (mens))
£5.00 (Lacrosse)


(boat club/swimming water polo/lacrosse are now on the list so can buy memberships but please note: for every membership the 3 non-gkt teams buy they will get 50% of the table allocations (i.e rugby buy 2 memberships get 2 tables lacrosse buy 2 memberships and get 1 table) this is to allow for that fact that these teams can spend the other 50% of time at the vault whereas gkt cant. These are 50% off of the full price as it has 50% of the value!


Table allowances for sports teams for Wednesdays 2020/21 will be based on numbers of £10 GB memberships bought per club before 13th September 2020.

£10 will give the card holder free entry to Weds nights all year.

The number of memberships sold per club will then reflect the amount of tables the club will be allocated each week.  It will be down to the club to decide who attends each week with the numbers of tables allocated.

One membership per K number.

For example: hockey buy 2 and cricket 4 memberships and there are 45 tables available per night, hockey will get 33% of tables and cricket would get 66% of tables for the first month. This would work out at as 15 tables for hockey and 30 for cricket over the course of the night. The 4 cricket players who bought the memberships would get in for free whilst the other people on their table would need to pay the £1 for entry.

This will then be updated each month to reflect new memberships as freshers sign up for teams.

This is to negate how some clubs with huge numbers of subs dont how up in those numbers so would be a more fair representation per club of members who were actually likely to attend rather than the popularity of the sport.


If the venue is unable to open at any point due to COVID refunds (minus the amount of weds nights gone) will be issued. 

Refunds will not be issued for any other reason.

Thanks and any issues/questions email guysbar@kclsu.org or message on the fb page/profile.


(Please ignore dates/time for this event this is for weds nights all year)

If you are not in a sports team please do not buy.




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