Event Description

Saturday 14 March 2020

7:30pm - 9:30pm

MB 4.2, Tutu's Macadam Building Surrey Street Level 4, London WC2R 2NS


“Someone has seen a wolf. Where did it come from? How many are there? Someone must be able to do something about them. Otherwise, how will our children get to school? And how will we all get to Line Dancing in the village hall?
Set over one extraordinary day in an ordinary village, Wolves are Coming For You explores just how much wild we’re comfortable with.”

The play portrays the intimacy of a small village community, its mechanics and politics. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone knows everything about each other. Rumours circulate quickly. But what happens when the rumour is that of a Wolf roaming the valley? What do rumours turn us into? What must happen to overcome rumours, speculation and prejudices? These are all posed and answered by the play as we amble through the day, from the farm atop the valley to the church to the school playground and seeing for ourselves how the events of one day in the countryside can produce stories that last a lifetime.
Doors open at 7PM, late comers won't be permitted.



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