Event Description

Friday 21 February 2020

7pm - 8:30pm



FILM FEST 2020: KCLSU Film in a Weekend Challenge

What is it?

It’s simple, you’ve got 48 hours to write, shoot & edit a short film. At kick off you’ll be given a prop, line of dialogue & certain camera move that you must incorporate. From thereon in the project is up to you!

What if i don't have a team?

You can either buy a ticket and enter on your own or fill in this form and wait for us to put you in a team:


How do I get involved?

Buy a ticket and wait for us to send you the producers pack. Please note that you may be asked to show student ID at the launch so please make sure you purchase the right ticket.

What are the rules?

At the launch event we will give you three things that must be included:

  • A prop
  • A line
  • A camera move

All of the film must be written, shot and edited in the 48hrs of the festival.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Whether you’re a pro or never touched a camera before this challenge is for YOU! The competition is open to everyone, whether you’re a student at King’s, another university, or a member of the public & if you don’t have a team, enter as an individual and we will assign you one!

What about equipment?

Your team will need to provide their own equipment but some incredible films have been made on camera phones in the last couple of years so don’t worry if you don’t have the newest video camera on the market! Google films shot on an iPhone to see some examples.

What can I win?

Aside from bragging rights that you made a film in 2 days…

  • KCLSU Film Festival Laurel
  • BFI Goody-Bag
  • Screening at KCLSU Film Festival
  • Publicity on our social media

Important Documents

Crew Contact List 

Call Sheet

Scene Breakdown Sheet

Shoot Checklist

Location Permission Form

Film in a Weekend Challenge FAQs 

Film in a Weekend Challenge Rules





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