Event Description

Friday 06 December 2019

7pm - 10pm

Bush House Auditorium, Bush House, Strand Campus, London WC2B 4BG


'These Walls Between us' is set in the 1990s, just a few years after Thatcher’s harmful implication of Section 28, a law which actively discouraged the education, promotion and even existence of homosexuality in Britain. The play explores four characters navigating themselves around London, facing the consequences of a Conservative government coinciding with their rising passions as artists, some who are struggling to survive, but some who are thriving. Asking, what is it to be a poet, a painter, a thinker or a musician, and have your life determined by your accomplishments or your failures? The tales of Esther, Kathy, Leonard and Mark of those of success combined with those of struggle, of love and agony, of the personal and the political, culminating to add to the queer narrative of Britain.

'These Walls Between Us' is an original play by Sarena Moss.



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