Event Description

Tuesday 12 November 2019

6:30pm - 9pm


Take Me Out (ACSTMO) is an event where we celebrate all the things that make each individual unique. However, through this event, we highlight and celebrate the intra-cultural diversity within the Afro-Caribbean Community. We also aim to help instill a sense of confidence and pride within the Afro-Caribbean community through this gameshow event, by challenging Euro-centric/Western standards of beauty. The contestants are able to present themslves to the audience and potential partner on the panel in anyway shape or form they feel comfortable. Whether that is showing a talent of theirs such as singing or dancing, or for some it is just walking out casually to their favourite music. Then through a series of questioning and eliminations made by both the contestant and the panellists, the contestant is finally paired with their (hopefully) dream panel member to go on a date with.



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