GKT MSA Freshers' Fortnight Wristband

Monday 16 September 2019

GKT MSA Freshers' Fortnight Wristband



Monday 16 September 2019
10am - midnight
Guy's Campus


£35.00 (Wristband)

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GKT MSA Freshers' Fortnight Wristband

Congratulations King's College London Medicine Offer Holders 2019 and Welcome to GKT!

'It's an age-old tradition at Guy's King's & St Thomas' Medical School
The finest Medical School in the Land
That should you be good, bad or a GKT Fresher
You shall receive a suitable measure of the finest welcome events
to the tune of...'
(remember this rhyme, you'll need it later)

Hosted by GKT's Medical Student Association in collaboration with our Spectacular Sports & Societies, Freshers' Fortnight is the must-attend event of your medical career. Highly anticipated by veteran medics and wide-eyed new freshers alike, we bring you two whole weeks of events. Your degree is twice as long, so why shouldn't your fresher's be the same?

What are these events, you ask? With the wristband you'll gain entry to every single one of our events (which gives you a whopping £13.50 discount!), so look forward to attending - 

  • Lock & Key w/ BSA and DentSoc
  • Scrub Party w/ Guy's Bar
  • Mario Kart Tournament 
  • Baywatch Beach Party w/ Final Year Committee 
  • GKT In the Park w/ Dance Soc 
  • PJ Pub Crawl w/ RAG
  • The Big GKT Quiz of the Year 
  • Comedy Night

As well as some pretty handy perks that we're announcing soon...

So hurry up and buy your GKT MSA Fresher's Fortnight Wristband! Numbers are limited, and when they're gone, they're gone!