Friday 01 February 2019




Friday 01 February 2019
7pm - 10pm
The Greenwood Theatre, 55 Weston Street, London SE1 3RA

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MSA Musical Theatre is proud to present this year’s production of ‘FOOTLOOSE The Musical’!

... A story of love, freedom of expression and rock n’ roll.

"This is the story of Ren McCormack, a city boy who is forced to move to the small southern town of Bomont. Used to blowing off steam in nightclubs, Ren is shocked when he discovers the town he now calls home has banned dancing and rock music. Though he tries hard to fit in, it isn't long before Ren can't resist breaking the rules, and he's not alone. With the help of his new friend, Willard Hewitt, and the rebel teen Ariel Moore, will Ren be able to loosen up the conservative town?"

Cut loose and kick off your Sunday shoes as the legendary 80s musical sensation and Oscar-nominated hit score, Footloose, bursts on the Greenwood Theatre Stage! Showing from the 30th January – 1st February at the Greenwood Theatre, London Bridge, 7pm.

£7 concessions/£10 adults
If you're in a group of more than 10 you can each claim £1 off of your ticket! Just email a list of names to and your discounted ticket will be held payable at the door!

Production Team:
Director: Bea Bruschi
Musical Director: Ben Mark Turner
Choreographer: Emilia Smith
Producers: Greta Harrison and Christina Radukic
Treasurer: Alex Clewlow