Event Description

Friday 09 June 2023

10am - 5:30pm

Lecture Theatre 1, New Hunt's House, Guy's Campus


£0.00 (Presid. & Treas.)
£0.00 (Other Committee Mem.)


Welcome to the kick off of the first part of Community Leaders Training! 


When you are elected as a community leader there are certain processes and policies that you need to know in order to help your group succeed. In June we will be kicking off training with sessions that will help you create a vision for your group based on your objectives from your manifesto to bring them to fruition; learn about finances, how to generate income, funding opportunities, running fundraisers, etc amongst a few other sessions that will help you create the base of knowledge to run your group.


We will be running the training on 3 separate days of which you will need to attend one. These dates are the 5th, 8th and 9th of June, from 10-5.30pm.


If you are a President or Treasurer (PaT), it is important for you to be aware of these processes to ensure smooth sailing throughout the year, which is why it is compulsory for you to attend one of these training days. Attendance is free but you will require a ticket to secure your space on your preferred day! Tickets do have a limit so if you feel strongly about attending a specific day, we suggest you book asap.



  • What if I can't attend?

You are required to attend at least one of the three possible sessions, so we ask that you do your best to be able to attend this. If you have an exceptional circumstance reach out to us to notify us and we can acknowledge your absence.


  • I've already been a community leader, do I need to attend training again?

Yes. Even if you've been a community leader before, our processes and policies are currently going through some changes which you will need to know about. As such you will need to attend training.


  • Can other members of our committee attend training?

Yes, other community leaders will be able to attend training. However, tickets to these leaders will be released from the 19th May. This is to prioritise space and attendance of PaTs.


  • What happens if I don't attend training?

As mentioned above, it is a requirement for you to attend training. If you do not attend this will have an impact on your group. For instance if the treasurer does not attend training, the finance team would not give them access to the groups' account. If neither attends training, this could result in your group being deratified prior to the start of the year.

As mentioned above, if you have an exceptional circumstance as to why you cannot attend please email us on [email protected]


  • What if I have more questions after training?

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions throughout training as well as during the networking sessions or breaks that will take place on the day. If you have any burning questions after the fact, you can always email us!


  • I have a severe allergy to X food, what do I do?

Please email us on [email protected] to notify us of any severe allergies as soon as possible.


  • What if I booked one session but can no longer make it?

Please email us on [email protected]. We may be able to transfer your session if spaces are available but we strongly encourage you ensure you are able to attend as we will not be able to do any last minute changes.


If you have any queries please email us on [email protected]



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