Student Trustees

Holders of this position sit on KCLSU’s Trustee Board and help shape our Union through oversight of our activities and operations. They make financial and legal decisions for KCLSU and ensure we adhere to charity laws. It's a really important role in our governance process and provides invaluable skills in negotiating, risk assessment and budgeting to its holders. As well as sitting on our Board of Trustees, Student Trustees sit on two of the four subcommittees that support the Trustee Board in different areas.  Four trustees will be chosen in this election. Click the link on the elections page, login and select the candidates that you're eligible to vote for. 
What Trustees do.

Our successful Student Trustees will attend six Trustee Board meetings during their year in office. They’ll also have meetings for the two sub-committees. Here are the key dates:

Trustee Board meetings:

5 December 2017, 6pm-9pm

23 February 2018, 6pm-9pm

24 April 2018, 6pm-9pm

26 June 2018, 6pm-9pm

mid October 2018

Learn more about Student Trustees and why they're important to the way we operate.