Candidates aren't allowed to put up posters in undesignated KCLSU and KCL spaces (see full code of conduct). Here's a list of designated spaces - if you've got any questions, email Please do not use sticky tape/sellotape when fixing campaign material onto walls (as this would cause damage to KCL/KCLSU property, which is in breach of the code of conduct). You may use blue/white tack.

KCLSU spaces

  • Macadam Lobby (Macadam Building, Strand campus)
  • Waterfront Bar (but not on the windows) (Macadam Building, Strand campus)
  • West Wing (Guys Campus)
  • Guys Bar (East Wing, Guys campus)
  • The Spit (East Wing, Guys campus)
  • The Waterloo Student Centre (Franklin-Wilkins Building, Waterloo campus)

King's spaces

  • Libraries in all campuses will have poster boards, between Monday 26 Feb - Thursday 8 March. You can see the location of the libraries' boards here. Flyering in the libraries is not allowed. 
  • You can email specific departments to ask if you can use their poster boards


Residences have asked that the candidates do not go into the kitchens or flats to campaign. Candidates are only allowed to campaign in the common areas.