Candidate for the position of Student Parents and Carers (Family) Officer

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Hasaan AMIN


A LITTLE ABOUT ME-Hi, I'm Hasan and I am 20 years old, I study a BA Politics (2nd Year) and am a long-distance carer for my dad who suffers from congestive heart failure and arterial fibrillation, as someone attending university with caring responsibilities I've found my journey difficult and even getting into King's a challenge, I've been helping my dad since 13 on and off so understand the long-standing issues and understand the ongoing difficulties students with extra-responsibilities face and the challenges they face. Below I've written a few ideas of what sort of things I'd love to work on if elected. 




-BUILD A KING’S PLAN: Many student parents and carers face difficulties and have little support. A King’s Plan can allow students to build a plan to help mitigate the many difficulties they may encounter from financial to mental health difficulties. A particular emphasis on mental health and fast-track for counselling is important as it is one thing many young carers in particular report struggling with.


-COFFEE MORNING: Students with extra-responsibilities are likely to feel more isolated from their peers and find difficulties in making friends. Through regular coffee mornings (once a month) you can meet fellow students and socialise, with people who understand your situation and can help. Through this, we can build a network and move forward together to learn from each other and have people who truly understand the situation you’re in.


-MORE COMMUNICATIONS WITH KING’S SUPPORT: As part of the King’s Plan I pledge to work with KCL’s families advisor to guide young carers and parents. To help make their journey within KCL that little less difficult than it may be as it stands.


-DEVELOPING MORE AWARENESS: Students with additional responsibilities face difficulty explaining their home circumstances - often - we wear the hat but hide the writing.I am to develop more awareness in the wider population of such situations where students have extra responsibilities I aim to help integrate us-students with additional responsibilities into the King’s community.


-HELP WITH MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES: Many students, I myself have been in difficult positions where we have had to choose between those we look after and our own academic lives this choice is difficult. Even generally, caring and being a parent is a full-time job and emotionally draining, I aim to help create evidence so student carers and parents can get deadlines with ease. 


-SETTING UP A FLAGGING SYSTEM: I aim to work with King’s to help flag student carers and parents as soon as they arrive at King’s. Rather than let it hit crisis point, through using the King’s Plan I aim to ensure students are put in touch with relevant bodies and people they can rely on, making their journey as smooth as it possibly can be.


-WORKING WITH EXTERNAL SERVICES: I pledge to work with external services to help students with caring duties, services such as HOPE Support can help students through their time at university making it as easy as it can be with their life circumstances. Services particularly, can complement each other well and provide students with an amazing support network.


-ORGANISING CAREERS AND ACADEMIC SUPPORT: I pledge to work with KCL to provide carers and parents with extra-academic support and careers advice to help them catch up with their peers and help level the playing field. Through academic workshops organised through the library and using Careers Connect, I aim to help students realise their potential.

-HOLD TALKS REGULARLY: Alumni who have had experience as a student carer or parent will be invited in to give students insight into how to cope with their responsibilities. This will help to show how bright their future can be and that there is a life out there. Alumni, I hope to include will include the highly successful Devika Woods who has walked in our shoes before.