Candidate for the position of President (full-time, paid)

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If library mice cause you pain; vote Hussain!


Hi, thanks for taking the time out to read my manifesto! My name is Salma, I’m a third year Biochemistry student and I am running to be your KCLSU President! Since I’ve been at King’s I’ve noticed all the challenges and issues we students have to face, and having involved myself through various activities such as being President of the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALs) for the last 2 years, volunteering in charity events led by student societies and being a Money Mentor for King’s, I understand know King’s runs and what we deserve.


Should you elect me I can bring about the change we need and hopefully through reading my manifesto, of the 5Ms. 


1. Mental health


Mental Health should be thought of all year, not just during wellbeing weeks: I will look to have weekly activities that anyone can attend to just destress at any time in the year. Workloads can differ depending on the year we’re in and the degree we do, so support should be accessible to all!


Personal Tutors: Personal tutors should have rigorous training so that can actually be more helpful to students, especially when they are often our first point of contact with the university, to ensure you are best supported when you need it. 



2. Money


Expand King’s Affordable Accommodation Scheme (KAAS): No one should have a barrier to education in the form of lack of affordable living options. Many students can face dire situations with the high rental costs of London coupled with a high cost of living however KAAS could help so many students which will also decrease stress and make sure you have a roof over your head.


Campaign for more financial support for all students: We need to ensure everyone is financially supported, and that includes PG and international students who face less financial support than undergraduate home students. 


Improving Budgeting Skills: Work with the King’s Money Mentors to improve the financial capabilities of fellow students. Most students have issues with budgeting when they first come to university as it is often the first time they have to manage their own finances, I want students to have more support when making this transition.



3. Marks 


Increase peer support: Create a structure where 3rd yearstudents who have done the modules you’re doing can help you out with tips on your coursework and what works for your exams! Having been the President of the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme, I’ve seen first-hand how the support of 3rdyear student have for 2nd and 1st years, both supporting academic ability and mental health!


Increase feedback & help when preparing for Assessments: I propose that students should have access to 1 piece of coursework from an anonymised previous student AND their feedback. Furthermore, improve the feedback that we do get so we know exactly what is expected of us and let students be able to contact their assessors more easily for more detailed feedback if they wish. 


Scrap the 40% Cap: I will campaign to get rid of the 40% cap that students face on late assessments, and propose a new system where you get reduced cap depending on how late you submit your work.



4. Maintain a stronger Union!


More inclusive and accessible space: Ensure that we create a space that all students from different backgrounds are able to survive and thrive while at university, while also ensuring a union fights for you, whether that be fighting PREVENT, sexual harassment or creating a more accessible space for ALL students. 


Democratic Structure: Conduct a review of the responsibilities that KCLSU has and change what is no longer working. More opportunities can be created if we restructure and change how our Union operates to ensure all students are represented and have a greater influence in what the SU does. 


Funding for all: Create more funding opportunities for individual students and activity groups so they can show everyone the amazing ideas they have that can benefit all!



5. Mice 

We all know that there is a mice problem, highlighted by the fact there is a dedicated Instagram account. It is time to review the problem and have a viable solution and maintain our campuses.





I have been elected President as the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme for the School of Biosciences for the last two years, involving unpaid student volunteers to put on workshops on topics such as essay writing to poster presentations. Since becoming president, I have also listened to constant student feedback and implemented many new workshops such as on referencing software and how to do journal clubs. I have put my heart and soul in PALs, and it has flourished – I aim to do the same with KCLSU.


I have been a Money Mentor since first year, where we help students to become more financially capable through workshops, campaigns and 1-1s. This has also exposed me to more knowledge about the inner workings of King’s which I believe will help me in the role of President.