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Candidate for the position of International Officer

Image for Saffana Siddique

Saffana Siddique

I really want to help all International Students at King’s in achieving their goals and dreams. We all left our home countries with a burning passion to do something, and no matter how much our goals have changed over time, I want to be able to bring about changes that help you get closer to who you want to be.


I want to bridge the gap between our expectations and the reality as much as possible and give the International Students who make 39% of KCL Student Body the representation they deserve.

My Experience:

  • I am a first-year Law student.
  • I am currently a King’s 100 Ambassador and therefore well aware of the King’s 2029 Initiatives.
  • I also have a Business Administration degree from India and therefore trained in planning and overseeing projects on a large scale.


Some to the issues which I will work on are:

  1. Improve Information Accessibility: There is so much always happening, it can be overwhelming. And a lot of amazing opportunities are missed just because they weren’t made accessible to the students properly. I wish to decrease such barriers to information.
  2. Help international students to integrate and overcome cultural shocks: Sometimes even when you are prepared for a change. You might realize later that maybe you weren’t so prepared. This leads to feelings of disassociation. I want to set good programs in place for international students so that they can reach out, ask for help, and be able to have all the fun the amazing city of London has to offer.
  3. Help international students navigate the different career routes available to them along with providing opportunities to explore the paths and increase their learning experience.
  4. Improving KCL’s ties with international corporations and institutions so as to provide more opportunities for students in different countries. Eg: International Courses, Internships and Research Opportunities.
  5. Arrange activities, based on shared interests, to increase better inter-community and intra-community interaction.
  6. Actively seek to understand the different problems faced by international students and push for solutions.