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Uday Singh SANDHU

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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Uday Sandhu and I am a 2nd year International Relations Student from India. With the NUS undergoing a financial crisis and students being highly critical of its capabilities to deliver on its promises, I am running to be your next NUS Delegate. Being the People Of Colour Network Officer 2018-19, I have actively worked and pushed for changes in our Union and now, I believe I can successfully represent our union at the NUS Conference and push for the collective betterment of UK's student population.

My Agenda :  

I will make sure that the change in the structure of the NUS, along with its ongoing financial cuts, does not affect the ability to raise issues that are crucial for a good and wholesome student experience in the UK by following through with my agenda! 

-  Freeze the rent : I will lobby and campaign to freeze the rent for the student accomodations in the UK. 

-  Better Representation for International Students : I strongly feel that there is need for a stronger voice and better representation for International Students who are underepresentated across universities in the UK.

- Better Mental Health Services : better healthcare services for students & focus on campaigns for better mental health services. 

- Fight Against Discrimination : that is constantly faced by minorities such as BME, LGBTQ+ and International Students and support campaigns that fight against Islamophobia, Anti- Semitism, Homophobia and Sexism.   

- Protection from Brexit : i will support campaigns against brexit which protect the EU students' interests who will become international students after Brexit.

-  Post- Study Work VisaThere is an urgent need for the NUS to raise the issue of post study work visa for international students in case of brexit and safeguard the interests of EU students.

I shall fight and push for NUS to be more democratic, transparent and accountable.