Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Officer (trans place)


It's Time to Connect and Collaborate

Hi, I'm Zy. I’m an MA student who has recently come out as trans masculine at university. It's been hard and uncomfortable, and I'd like to run in order to change things so students don't have to experience what I have. The trans community is still fighting a lot of stigma and ignorance, and persistent transphobia from the mainstream media hasn't helped.


If elected as the LGBT+ Officer (Trans), I will: 

  1. Raise awareness about trans issues among the student body and the university. I have heard some concerning comments about trans people expressed by students and staff. The thing these comments shared were that they dehumanised people. We shouldn't have to ask for people to treat us as human. Disguising prejudice as a structural conversation should not be okay in a university that purports to support diversity and inclusion.
  2. Trans History events: An academic at the university recently told me that people needed more time to adjust because trans people were a new minority. We are not a new minority. Trans people have always existed and have always been involved with the LGBT+ community. The difference is we are now at a point where we can visibly be who we are in society. 
  3. Support trans students: I'd like to hold conversations with trans students to find out what their needs are and whether they're being met. Coming out and transitioning can be difficult and I'd like to find out how we can all make that easier on the students. I don't want vulnerable students to slip through the net. I will also fully support a variety of important trans causes such as healthcare and student sex work.
  4. Review of University's trans policy and practice across departments: I'd like to review how effective the university's trans policies have been in helping students manage their transition, and would also review best practices in supporting trans students across the university. I want to ensure that we're all working hard to ensure our trans students are enjoying their rights and have support systems to rely on.
  5. Connect: Having a community that accepts and supports you is important for many LGBT+ people, particularly those of us who have had family and friends reject us. I'd like to foster a stronger trans community at the university and connect us with other trans and LGBT+ students from London's universities. I, myself, will be as accessible as possible, so that students can tell me what issues are important to them.

 It is crucial that King's trans students have their interests strongly represented and their rights fiercely championed at all levels.


I am the current NUS LGBT+ (Trans) delegate and the NUS Trans delegate. I represented King's alongside LGBTQ+ staff and students during the 2018 London Pride. I'm the student representative for my degree programme, a member of the PGeog Society, and one of my department's Sustainability Champions. I am passionate about representing and actively campaigning for students' interests, and trying to make the world a little bit better, both socially and environmentally. As a member of a number of other minority groups, I am well-aware of the importance of listening to, learning from, and supporting others with experiences different to my own. I firmly believe that we need to lift one another up, if we’re to create positive change. 


In my free time, I enjoy catching up on sleep, collecting memes, taking weird photographs of urban spaces and listening to weird music with friends (mostly crazy jazz). I sometimes draw things too - mostly geometric shapes.