Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare & Community (full-time, paid)

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Furqan Khan

Reform! Perform! Transform!

Here's a quick summary for those in a rush ;)

My name is Furqan Khan, but that doesn't matter!

What matters is, 'YOU'. I'm a final year Business Management international student, actor and activist dedicated to give students a voice. Time and time again I have been made to feel like a foreigner. Someone who doesn't belong here. And to that I say:"Enough. Is. Enough!"

But wait, why me? Easy...

Representative Experience

  • Student Representative Bsc Business Management: I've learned how to put aside my personal views and do the job representatives are supposed to do: Represent!
  • Current International Students Officer KCLSU: This has been an experience that has shaped me as a leader. I've set up the 'Stop Watching Us' campaign to resist attendance monitoring, its effects on visa statuses. This has been an immense source of mental distress and I've done what I could, to make sure I deliver.
  • NUS delegate: I've learned to be Bold, Confident, and communicate effectively. I've represented King's College in 2 consecutive years at the National Union and represented YOU in every single vote I cast on every single motion. I know how to fight for your rights and rest assured, a sabbatical as VP Welfare & Community will be no much different.


  • As the International Students Officer I stayed behind during winter break to engage in the  'Global Lounge' to cater to international students who stayed behind during the break. We had free food, free games and free entertainment. I'm not afraid to go the extra mile.
  • Partook in the delivery of Kings' annual One World Week where we celebrated diversity, inclusion and culture.
  • Growing the International Students Network.
  • Spearheading the 'Stop Watching US' campaign and fight aganst its connnection with attendance monitoring and Prevent.


So what do I pledge to do? I have a simple 10 point agenda to Reform, Perform and Transform at KCLSU:

Fighting Prevent and Attendance Monitoring: 

  • Through the Stop Watching Us campaign, I will organise students against Prevent and attendance monitoring, which are keeping our students under surveillance and making them feel distress. This will be done through organizing an Anti-Prevent week and resist all form of monitoring: From emails to attendance.

Empower International Students:

  • I will continue what I have done as International Students' Officer to defend international students' rights, and I will use my position to work with the university and other student groups in order to lobby the government in support of international students. This includes a post-study work visa and pushing back against the hostile environment policy.
  • I will expand the idea of the Global Lounge and encourage different cultural socieites to hold events throughout the weeks.
  • I will work on establishing the position of VP for International Students at KCLSU. This will allow international students to have a full-time representative. The VP for International Students will replace the International Officer, and must be an international student themselves.

Better mental health support:

  • I will continue my predecessor's work on mental health and the Mind What Matters campaign, focusing on reducing counselling wait times and embedding cultural competence in counselling. 

Freeze the rents:

  • I will work to keep King's rents as low as possible and to freeze or even reduce them, whether this means lobbying through the group that sets rents for King's accommodation or together with student campaigns like Cut the Rent. Your accommodation should be affordable!

Safe Space? Your discretion:

  • I will reform KCLSU's Safe Space Policy to make it optional for societies to sign up to as a sign of goodwill, rather than mandatory censorship of students.
  • I will also reform the Safe Space Marshal system so that students don't feel policed at events. I'm a strong supporter of Cops Off Campus. 

Fighting racism, Islamophobia and anti-semitism:

  • As a Muslim student of colour, I know what racism and Islamophobia feel like. I will work with the university, students and community organisations to fight racism, Islamophobia and also anti-semitism on campus, while making sure our students retain the right to express themselves and their political viewpoints. There is no tolerance when it comes to hatred and we will fight back against it.

Mandatory lecture capture: 

  • Students need lecture capture so they aren't disadvantaged if they miss lectures. I will campaign for mandatory lecture capture across all courses, and work with the university to make lecturers aware that there are other solutions to issues with lecture capture e.g. pausing the lecture capture rather than not using it at all.
  • I will also work to intorduce close-captioning for Lecture capture to make it more accessible for our peers with hearing impediments.

Religious Representation:

  • I will push the Universirty for equal access to faith and well-being resources for students from non-Abrahamic faiths. After consulting members from different faith-based societies, its  conclusive that more work needs to be done to improve multi-faith prayer rooms. I will also push for exclusive prayer rooms for the communities that feel under-representative. There are no exclusive spaces for Hindus, Sikhs and Jews, but there are for Muslims and christans. Regardless of faith, we are all equals in humanity and we all deserve equal representation.
  • I will also push KCLSU, and promote collaborations between cultural and faith-based societies, to hold religious festivals here at King's such as Eid-Ul-Fitr, Diwali, Christmas, Sabbath etc.. 

Our Food Problem:

  • I will push the university to save all the food from all cafetarias acorss all campuses and donate them to the homeless, charities and food camps. I will work with Student Action For Refugees and the UN World Food Society to deliver on this to make sure that we deliver student-led change to thousands on people.
  • KCL currently has the highest food prices in its cafes out of all London univerisites. This is unacceptable. Such a basic neccessity should be as accesible as possible. I will work to reduce food prices through securing better vendors and suppliers.


  • Make sustainability programmes cost-effective. Can every single student afford sustainable water cans, costing £1+, regularly? I pledge to introdue a suatianbility programme that sees plastic water bottles to be given to each studwhich areent at induction printed with a bar code. These codes once scanned would route the user to a micro-site which displays the nearest water fountains. This will encourage recycling and help students save costs when consuming a basic neccessity. It's a win-win!

I will also work with the KCLSU Networks on liberation issues, such as working with the LGBT+ Network on gender-neutral toilets and transphobia, and the Women's Network on continuing She Should Run next academic year.

So what are you waiting for? You know I "Khan".

Vote Furqan Khan #1 for VP Welfare and Community!