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Zahra Abu

Driving accessibility, diversity and inclusivity!

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Hi everyone! I’m Zahra ( colloquially known as Zee :) ), a first year International Development student and I’m running to be one of your NUS delegates! I would like to represent Kings at the NUS national conference to ensure that decisions made are ones that benefit us all.


The NUS is currently in a financial crisis, as your delegate I will strive to ensure that student interests are at the forefront of crucial decision making. I will also aid the incorporation of motions that reject external sources of influence and refocus the agenda on us. Most importantly, I will fight for the survival of our NUS so that it can continue to bring great benefit to students nationwide. 


If elected, I will focus on:


Finance & Funding

  • Increasing the King’s living bursary so that it accurately reflects the ever-increasing costs of living in London.
  • Lobbying for universities, such as ours, to cover the maintanence grant we lost due to hostile government policies towards students from widening participation backgrounds.
  • Ensure all printing is free


Diversity & Inclusivity

  • Encouraging the establishment of a curriculum that is reflective of how diverse our student body is.
  • Working towards abolishing policies on campus that disenfranchise students across our student community. Policies I shall be particularly focusing include Prevent and those affecting students from the EU.



  • Increasing accessibility for disabled students by broadening the mechanisms in place to make them feel welcome at our institution.
  • Scrapping tuition fees


Mental health & Wellbeing

  • Lobby for mental health support that is inclusive and culturally sensitive
  • Improving campus wide counselling services
  • Decreasing waiting time for counselling
  • Collaborating with our partner universities across the country to tackle this national epidemic we face with mental health amongst the student community.



  • Fighting against the unfair practice of outsourcing cleaners across all UK universities.
  • Addressing the BME attainment gap
  • Supporting the KCL Cut the Rent campaign. Maintenance loans don’t cover the cost of rent let alone other necessities such as food. Financial stress can affect mental health which can ultimately impact academic performance.


Thanks for reading my manifesto, if you have any questions email me at: & don't forget to vote Zahra #1 for NUS Delegate